Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl wall art is the coolest new thing in home decorating. You can put it on your walls (even textured), on signs, cars, glass, etc. And it's easy to take off as well!
Being the do it yourself-er that I am I went on a mission to make my own sign. I searched high and low and finally found what I was looking for on Etsy. The seller Nestling on Etsy offered an alternative to buying a sign ready to go. She offers you an option to just buy the vinyl wording which allows you to put it anywhere you want and also costs less to ship. Not only that but she custom made my order.

I bought a scrap of wood from Home Depot at a whopping price of $2. I spray painted it black and when the wording came in I put it on in a minute. And get this...she also sells outdoor vinyl. I made a spooky sign for Halloween. My overall cost was less than $25 for 2 custom signs! You just can't beat that.

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