Saturday, January 26, 2008

handprint artwork

This is by far the easiest and coolest artwork your kids can do.


  1. a white stretched canvas that you can pick up at any craft store, choose whatever size you like

  2. acrylic paint in as many shades as you want to use
  3. a couple applicator sponges (59 cents at the craft store)

make sure you have lots of damp paper towels handy and another adult for help if needed.


  1. use one color at a time and sponge the paint evenly on the child's hand(s). Have them carefully place their handprint on the canvas and repeat a few times until you have enough of that color.

  2. Let the handprint dry and then repeat with the next color and switch hands.

  3. Repeat this process until you are happy with the final prints.

I have also seen this done with feet but you must be careful not to rip the canvas. You can also paint the background first if you don't want a white canvas.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

chocolate dipped candy canes

I decided to pass on the cookies this year and make something different. These were easier than I thought they would be to make and I was able to pick up all the supplies at my local grocery store. They taste good and look great. The second picture doesn't due them justice (I was in a hurry when I took that photo).
  1. peppermint candy canes (buy an extra box because they break easily)
  2. 1-2 bags of chocolate chips
  3. 1 bag of white chocolate chips
  4. sprinkles if desired
  5. red ribbon
  6. plastic sandwich bags that don't zip
  7. wax paper


  1. unwrap all the candy canes and place them on the wax paper so that you allow enough space for them once they are dipped
  2. melt chocolate chips in microwave in a tall glass.
  3. dip the candy cane and place it on the wax paper to dry
  4. while drying heat up the white chocolate chips (you don't need much)
  5. use a spoon or butter knife and dip it in the melted while chocolate and drizzle over the chocolate dipped candy canes
  6. add sprinkles
  7. when dry I put 2-4 in a bag and folded the folded (sandwich part) of the bag over the bottom of the candy canes so that they were completely covered
  8. tie the bow and you are done

they store best in the fridge until you eat them

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl wall art is the coolest new thing in home decorating. You can put it on your walls (even textured), on signs, cars, glass, etc. And it's easy to take off as well!
Being the do it yourself-er that I am I went on a mission to make my own sign. I searched high and low and finally found what I was looking for on Etsy. The seller Nestling on Etsy offered an alternative to buying a sign ready to go. She offers you an option to just buy the vinyl wording which allows you to put it anywhere you want and also costs less to ship. Not only that but she custom made my order.

I bought a scrap of wood from Home Depot at a whopping price of $2. I spray painted it black and when the wording came in I put it on in a minute. And get this...she also sells outdoor vinyl. I made a spooky sign for Halloween. My overall cost was less than $25 for 2 custom signs! You just can't beat that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

snowmen handprint ornaments

This will be my second year making these with my son and my first year making them with my mom's club. I will have 24 handprint ornaments to make tomorrow!


  1. blue ornaments for the sky (try a matte finish one so that it's not super slippery and your child's hand slips off too easily)

  2. white, orange, red, & green craft paint

  3. a sponge applicator

  4. black sharpee marker

  5. fine paint brush

Use the sponge to get the hand fully painted but not too much so that you can still see the details in their handprint.

have child place handprint on the bottom of the ornament so that their fingerprints are on the sides (you might have to change it depending on the size of the hands).

Once they are dry use the marker to draw the face, buttons, hats and arms

Use paint to paint on carrot nose, scarves, etc.

Don't forget to add the name & date!