Wednesday, November 28, 2007

snowmen handprint ornaments

This will be my second year making these with my son and my first year making them with my mom's club. I will have 24 handprint ornaments to make tomorrow!


  1. blue ornaments for the sky (try a matte finish one so that it's not super slippery and your child's hand slips off too easily)

  2. white, orange, red, & green craft paint

  3. a sponge applicator

  4. black sharpee marker

  5. fine paint brush

Use the sponge to get the hand fully painted but not too much so that you can still see the details in their handprint.

have child place handprint on the bottom of the ornament so that their fingerprints are on the sides (you might have to change it depending on the size of the hands).

Once they are dry use the marker to draw the face, buttons, hats and arms

Use paint to paint on carrot nose, scarves, etc.

Don't forget to add the name & date!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Do you have to seal the ornament with anything? I'm doing this with my daughter's class & want to make sure I'm doing everything right:)